About Kush

The Founder

A chance encounter

It was the summer of ‘89.
I was doing the usual rounds at my regular shopping haunt, when something caught my attention.
From one of the corner makeshift stall, they glittered mischievously.
My heart was stolen that very instant.

Nostalgic yellow. Fiery red. Soothing blue.

These gorgeous-looking stones were natural, imperfect, vivacious and bold.
It was love at first sight and, without me knowing it then, they would become my lifelong obsession.

So much so that I went to pursue a Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) certification and forked out my savings for a store, specialising in accessories made only of the finest crystals and stones.

For over 2 decades, my journey with these precious stones has been an unforgettable one.
I hope yours will be the same.

Founder, KUSH